Solar – Solar lighting for the 90% | Hamish Dudley Macdonald

Solar – Solar lighting for the 90%

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Everyone needs clean and economical electricity especially developing nations. The major factors in this design were to create a larger solar lamp with:
•Low production cost; affordable to everyone.
•Sturdy structure and components.
•Flexibility; the extra power plug for extra options.
•Ergonomics; while in use and while being carried.

Solar Features
•Four bright low powered LED lights bottom able to be charged during the day and give  8 hours of bright light to cook, read, work and study by.
•Beveled edges on the base allow the lamp to be rested on angles so the solar panel can best capture the suns rays.
•A power plug on the end allows Solar to share its power between different devices; Mobile phones, water filter, radio, extra lighting.
• Arms be used to hang from or to stand on.


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