Palletable Curve | Hamish Dudley Macdonald

Palletable Curve

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Palatable Curve’s brief restricted the materials allowed to just wooden pallets and rubber inner tubes. I wanted to push our preconceptions of wood, I spent a lot of time in the workshop exploring the pallet wood. And playing with  the process of subtracting wood by adding many small cuts allowing the wood to bend and flex. I then worked between Solid works, pen & paper and the workshop to create Palatable Curve. Its able to be laid flat, stood up and slouched over; its own weight keeps the furniture it in this curved form.

Multiple cuts come within millimeters of cutting through the wood creating flex. This flex is weak in one direction however is very strong in the other. The combination of short and full length slates are then bound together by only four strips of inner tube, which creates Palatable Curve from only pallet wood and inner tube.


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