Mu – Pulling social networks into the real world | Hamish Dudley Macdonald

Mu – Pulling social networks into the real world

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Mu is a small parasite that lives onto your cellphone sitting over your current camera lens. With RFID and internet connections it is able to talk with and move between not only your cellphone but with other devices around you. This helps Mu do what it does best, help to make you happy; Mu creates an augmented social network around you and is always on the look out to help you find new friends. If you are close to someone who you might find fun ie; always goes to the same cafe, enjoys the same music or are friends of friends. Mu will let out a cheerful and non-pushy, “cheep”. Giving both of you a hint that maybe you should spark up a conversation, and see what happens.

Check out the rest of the Mu project with this detailed work book download, Mu development images or fun filled Mu Videos.


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