Bioptik – Glucose Scanner Initial concepts | Hamish Dudley Macdonald

Bioptik – Glucose Scanner Initial concepts

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Speeding up scanning and recording in hospitals

This is a freelance project worked on with “Bioptik” a glucose reader and strip manufacturing company. Their objective is to develop a blood glucose level reader tailored for hospitals; this unique glucose reader would increase the ease and speed of testing, reading and recording a patients glucose level.

The concept is to combine a barcode scanner, wifi and glucose reader in one device. This allows the doctors and nurses to seamlessly scan the patients ID, test the patient glucose levels and have his or her results wirelessly sent to the main computers data base and logged on to the patients records.

After these initial concepts and models I talked with doctors and nurses to gain feed back and create refined glucose scanner concepts, before presenting a final glucose scanner concept to Bioptik.


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